Where to Start Your Job Search

There are so many places to start your job search, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start. So first, take a deep breath and pull out your computer.

Have no fear! Here are a few places you can start your job or internship search:


LinkedIn is a great place to search for jobs and is one of my favorite social media apps.

How to Search for Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Logo

To start, click the jobs icon that looks like a briefcase on the navigation bar. From here, you can search by job title, location, or company and get alerts when new jobs are posted in the field or location you want.

To turn on your alert, complete your search, and turn the job alert icon on which will appear on the left side of your screen (next to the job and location you searched for). The alerts feature is great because you can set alerts for specific job titles, in specific locations. Once you turn the alerts on, you can get notifications about new jobs directly to your email, on the app, or both.

Reasons Why I Love LinkedIn

  1. Stay in the know by reading their news section, highlighting the day’s top professional news stories and conversation.
  2. See what your connections are doing professionally – whether they’re starting a new academic program or a new job, receiving a promotion, sharing their accomplishments or thoughts, etc..
  3. Recruiters can easily connect with you. With LinkedIn, recruiters have the ability to directly message you about opportunities they have open and think you’d be a good fit for.
  4. Let recruiters know you’re interested and open to new opportunities. To do this, you can navigate to the Career Interests section of your profile (by clicking on your profile image). Then, flip the switch on (that lets recruiters know you’re interested), and follow the prompts.
  5. Bookmark the jobs you’re interested in or want to apply to. The Track My Jobs feature lets you save jobs to apply to later, or lets you keep track of the jobs you’ve already applied for.
  6. See where your connections are employed, and ask for a referral if you’re applying for a job at their company.
  7. People can endorse you for skills, or they can write recommendations about you.
  8. See what the average salary is by location, job title, or by company. You can do this by selecting LinkedIn Salary in the Jobs section.
  9. LinkedIn will recommend jobs you may qualify for which can be found in the Jobs section.
  10. Sometimes, you can easily apply to jobs within LinkedIn. You will know if a job qualifies for this feature if you see the LinkedIn icon with Easy Apply below it. If this option if unavailable, LinkedIn will take you directly to the company’s site to apply.


How to Search for Jobs on Indeed

Indeed is another great site for job-hunting. Like LinkedIn, Indeed makes it easy for you to create job alerts and search for jobs and salaries.

Even though LinkedIn and Indeed share some similar features, there are a few features that Indeed has that LinkedIn does not, since LinkedIn is a social media site. With that being said, one of the great features Indeed offers is the ability to view and post company reviews.

Company Reviews

You can search reviews by company, job title, or location, and see things like salary, culture, benefits,work/life balance, and more. Although Indeed makes it virtually effortless to target your search, one of the features I like best about the reviews is that you can see what the top companies of 2019 are (overall and in your area), and check out the reviews from there.

Career Guide

Another great feature Indeed has is their Career Guide. I found this feature in the footer. Honestly, I don’t know why they’d put this so far down their page, since their content is awesome. This Career Guide reminds me of some of the thought leadership shared on LinkedIn by key opinion leaders. However, this content comes straight from Indeed and can be found all in one place.

Some of the topics areas they cover include finding a job, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, starting a new job, and more.

Apply Directly to the Company

I know this sounds obvious, but if you’re searching for a job, think about the companies you’d really want to work at (and why).

Some things to consider before applying to jobs might include:

  • The commute
  • Flexible hours
  • Benefits
  • Salary
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Diversity & Inclusion

How Can You Determine What Companies to Apply For?

  • Check out the 2019 best places to work list and apply to companies from the list.
  • Apply to companies you’ve heard great things about, whether it’s from your friends or from reading online reviews (don’t forget to ask for a referral!).
  • Think about your personal interests. You should love what you do, and if you love reading – apply to a bookstore or a publishing company. Love beer? Apply to a brewery or a consumer beverage company (you get the point).

Your Alma Mater’s Careers Site

At Rutgers, one of the great resources they provide students and alumni is access to Rutgers Handshake (formerly known as CareerKnight), which can be found on their Career Services site.

I know this article is supposed to be about job hunting, but you should definitely check out your university’s career services site. The Rutgers site has information about how to develop your skills, upcoming evens such as career fairs, and more.

Anyway… back to Rutgers Handshake. Rutgers Handshake is a website that connects students and alumni to open internships and job opportunities. In fact, I found and secured my very first internship on Rutgers Handshake.

Rutgers University logo

Like the career sites listed above, you create a profile and can search for jobs/internships by location, job title, etc.

Every university’s career site may differ, so take the time to explore yours.

Career Fairs

Old fashion as it may seem with today’s advanced technology (i.e. the ability to apply to a job online), get yourself dressed up and head out to a career fair. As I mentioned earlier, career fairs can be hosted by universities, so it may be beneficial to see if your local university has any upcoming career fairs or professional events where you can network. I’ve also seen billboards for hiring expos, so job fairs can be hosted by anyone, anywhere.

Of course, Googling local career fairs doesn’t hurt either.

What Sites Do You Use for Job Searching?

Are there other sites you’ve found useful while job searching?

Leave a comment below!

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