Back to the Drawing Board

10 Tips to Help Make Your Internship a Success After my bad experience in fashion, it was back to the drawing board, but had a better idea of what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” At this point, I was a junior in college and would declare my major in communications at the … Continue reading Back to the Drawing Board

Working “In Fashion” vs. Being “Fashionable”

Explore Your Internship Opportunities College is the time to test the waters. You have endless opportunities to dip your toes into potential career areas that interest you by exploring different internship opportunities and taking different classes. This is exactly what I did. I applied for my first internship during the summer of my sophomore year, … Continue reading Working “In Fashion” vs. Being “Fashionable”

Who Am I to Talk?

I started my journey through adulthood as a student at Rutgers University (go Knights!). I spent three years majoring in communications and minoring in French and Digital Communication Information Media. During my time there, I had three internships – in fashion, marketing, and communications. Each internship taught me something about myself and the workforce – … Continue reading Who Am I to Talk?